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Image by Taylor Brandon


Evergreen & Blue is a collection of songs all inspired by the beautiful state of Colorado. As a native, I have thoroughly explored the state and was inspired to write original music that reflected experiences, locations, traditions, people, and cultures of the region. The lyrics and melodies found here were carefully crafted to fully embody the important history and scenery of Colorado. Named by Native American peoples, Colorado stands for "color red" after the abundance of red clay soil around the state. The area is rich with color in so many capacities: the purple peak that was inspired by Katherine Lee Bates' lyric, "purple mountain majesties" representing Pikes Peak, the black forest, red rocks, and evergreen and blue landscape that I call home.

                                      ~ Baylee


Larimer Square | Lyric Video
Springs | Lyric Video
Storm | Lyric Video
Evergreen & Blue | Lyric Video
Colfax | Lyric Video
Colorado Reminds Me of You | Lyric Video
San Luis Valley | Lyric Video
Tesla | Lyric Video
Purple Peak | Lyric Video
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